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Wavy bar chocolate  are now available at T one of the highest quality Psilocybin chocolate bar on the market right now. The Chocolate used in these bars is USDA certified, organic, and 100% vegan. They got the chocolate certified separately before adding the mushrooms. The chocolate mushroom bars contain synthetic psilocybin

Purely vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and organic. The entire bar contains 3.5g of shrooms and it’s divided into six pieces so that you can choose your dose. the bars aren’t too big but still contain a decent dose.! Unlike other chocolate bars, you have to eat a ton of chocolate to get a decent dose which can be difficult, the wavy bar dosage is more reasonable. The small size also makes it much more portable and easier to take on the go with you.


This wavy bars comes in a blue foil paper. Also, it has the wavy bar logo on it. The various flavors are below the brand name. The product is linear in shape and has an estimated length of 15cm. Similarly to its cousin (one up mushroom), these wavy bars have an average weight of 3.5g and has a wave-like structure..


There are no negative reviews about wavy bars since all of our customers claims to have a fulfilled experience whenever they micro dose with these shroom chocolate. Moreover, there are lots of positive reviews about the taste, texture quality of the bar.  However, this product has very strong hallucinogenic effects. Therefore as you micro dose, stay safe and avoid drug abuse.


With the safety of our clients being our utmost priority, we strongly advice that you should not consume this wavy bar products:

  • when driving as it will cause you to hallucinate, which might lead to an accident.
  • when you are at work

Also, keep these bars in a cold environment and make sure they are very far from the reach of kids.

Consume this product during your free, especially at night and have an experience of a lifetime.


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Chocolate, Cookies-Cream, Milk, Vegan


5packs, 10packs

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    My order just arrive this morning I will shop more often with your guys thanks a lot I’m grateful

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